All about me

pete2          Hello everyone! This is my webspace for all the lovely 1000+ students I’ve taught before, and for those that I haven’t met yet then you’re very welcome here.

          You will find out that my name is Peter. I’m a native English speaker from the UK. I was born in a small town called Blackwood in the South of Wales, and this was where I grew up most of my young life.

Many of you may know what kind of person I am ~~~ I’m extremely patient and I love children very much! If I wasn’t, then I wouldn’t have built a very loyal network of over 1000 students in HK.

          Presently, I’m an English teacher living in Hong Kong. I have a University  degree, a specialist English language teaching qualification TESOL and I have over 10 years plus of SOLID teaching of second language learners of English in Hong Kong.

I had a learning centre called EGGHEAD SMART LEARNING STUDIO, a 800 square foot, 4 classroomed site for 7 years, teaching students from as young as 3 years of age to secondary. Sadly, Egghead is no more, but the business was a lot of fun and I met many interesting students. Thank you with all my heart!

Presently, I’m teaching the English language to students privately, one to one and in small groups. I will go to your home or a place of your choosing, then for a fee I will tutor your child or children according to your wishes.

In closing, my belief is that a STRONG FOUNDATION IS KEY to being a successful student in Hong Kong ~~~ which is why I will always strive to build this skillset from the very beginning of our relationship. Most of my energy will be spent to get my students to be able to ‘think and do’ for themselves. Being independent is essential to success!

Have a nice day!



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